How Poetry Throughout The Classroom And How It Can Make A Difference

797 Words May 27th, 2016 4 Pages
In our readings this week involved the many different aspects of poetry. The textbook explained different topics about poetry like what poetry is, the many different categories that different poems can fall under based on their qualities, the evolution of poetry from the 1700s to current times, elements of poetry, like sounds, images, comparisons, forms and insight. Lastly the textbook briefly looks at poetry in the classroom. My research this week involved looking deeper into poetry in the classroom, and how it can make a difference. This week I also read 5 poetry collection books, one talked about an ogre and how his days go, one was about a little girl’s house and all its parts, another was about a little cat’s day at school, and the last was a collection of poems about baseball and the players.
Poetry in the classroom is quite important and sadly is not used as often as it should. Poetry is not used often in the classroom only in small units, that are brief and over within a short time frame. All of the research I did, along with the text book all agreed that poetry is important and “has a special place in children’s education” (Temple, Martinez, Yokota, 2015, p. 143). One of the articles I found titled “Knock Poetry off the Pedestal, It’s time to make poems a part of children’s everyday lives” has similar view points as the textbook, the article writes that it is a “beautiful thing” and can be “enjoyed on many levels” poems can also be used in many different subject…

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