How Plc 's Focused On Assessment Data Can Affect Student Achievement

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Proposed Action The literature analysis presents possible solutions addressing how PLC’s focused on assessment data can affect student achievement. These solutions were considered in relations to a cyber environment and three were selected for the research study. These solutions include: 1) teachers meeting regularly with content-based PLC groups, 2) a focus on the D3M framework in the PLC environment to drive instructional decisions, and 3) teachers developing shared goals to improve student achievement.
Content-based PLC Prior research suggests content-based PLC’s focusing on a subject area and strategies for instruction have the greatest impact on student achievement (Diver and Lash, 2013; DuFour and Mattos, 2013; Williams, 2013; Egodawatte et al 2011). Thus, the teacher participants will meet as a science team at least three times a week to analyze data and plan instruction. Each meeting will include an agenda and notes to ensure a focus on student assessment data and instructional strategies. Williams (2013) ascertains “consistent collaboration and problem-solving” improve student achievement (p. 32). Thus the PLC environment will focus on the science content, skills, and strategies students must acquire to improve. Diver and Lash (2013) identify several benefits from content-based PLC’s including an increase in content knowledge and adaptability of instruction. Hypothetically, both of these benefits should improve the instructional experience of students, as…

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