How Play Influences Social Development, Friendship Formation And Social Interactions

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For this observation, my main objective was how play influences social development, friendship formation and social interactions. This observation took place at the Brookhaven Head Start Center on February, 2016. In this group of preschoolers there was about an equal amount between boys and girls; to make a total of 20 preschoolers in the classroom setting. The very first thing I completed was observing them in the classroom during story time, station time and singing songs while they were dancing. This preschool classroom was small, filled with many detailed pictures and tables where they are assigned to sit at. First, it was time for the preschoolers to sing along and dance to songs they have been learning. These songs said certain commands for them to do. For example, one part stated "clap, clap your hands" and another one was "jump as high as you can." This lasted for about 5-10 minutes, this was done in order to get the children energized and start the day productively. Two girls and one boy remained seated on the floor not doing anything, while the rest danced along to the song. Both of the teachers in the classroom moved on to something else. They gathered the children in a circle and explained that it was time to go to their stations. Stations like; science, kitchen, painting and coloring. All of them were put into groups and sent to a different station, and then they would rotate every few minutes to a different station. In each station there was a task that needed…

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