How Physical Education Should Be Taught Essay

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The review of research literature showed the importance of physical education, theories on most effective ways that physical education should be taught, and learning strategies to help students be more successful in physical fitness activities. The research shows that physical education is an important part of the school curriculum and should be offered daily. Different theories on how physical education should be taught and incorporated into a school are discussed. Specific learning strategies were mentioned as an important part of teaching physical education and those learning strategies were examined more closely. The specific learning strategies were goal setting and cooperative learning groups. There did not seem to be much success with goal setting helping students but cooperative learning groups showed some real promise in helping students to become more physically active.
Topic Specific Literature
Physical Education There are three purposes of physical education in the school curriculum. One purpose is to teach students the physical skills associated with many different sports. Such as being able to kick a ball with force in soccer, using the proper technique to shoot a basketball, or being able to overhand serve a volleyball. Another purpose of physical education is to teach students the rules and tactics of different sports that are common to our culture. We often teach students the strategies and rules to sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer,…

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