How Personality Can Affect Leadership Essay

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A Company Commander and the First Sergeant find out two of their personnel have been arrested for shoplifting. Discussing the issue, the Commander intends to impose maximum punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The First Sergeant disagrees, mentioning that the one soldier is married and lives off-post with his family, while the other soldier is single and lives in the barracks. He does not believe both soldiers deserve the same punishment. 1 The scenario stated above is a simple example of how personality can affect leadership. Personality is a major factor in the effectiveness, motives, and abilities of a leader. For these reasons, many corporations – including the military – strive to measure the personality of potential leaders to determine the individual’s leadership potential.3 Before personality can be measured, however, it is imperative to begin with a basic definition of personality. The authors of Can Personality Change offer a precise definition, stating: “Personality is a dynamic organization within an individual of those psychophysical systems that determine one’s characteristic behaviors and thoughts.” 2 With a clear definition of personality, it is possible to propose a model of measuring an individual’s personality. Carl G. Jung developed a model, known as Jung’s Personality Model 4, 5, that categorized human personality into sixteen different personality types based on four different bimodal scales. The first scale measures…

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