How Personal Can Ethics Get? Essay

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How Personal Can Ethics Get?

1. Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics.
Let us start off with the definition of ethics. Ethics are the values and principles that help individuals determine between what is “right” and what is “wrong”. Ethics of an organization determine how the organization ethically responds to an internal or external stimulus. Each person has different attributes, different backgrounds, and different levels of moral intelligence. One of these individual differences is personality. Individuals behave in different ways based on their personalities. Personality is the overall profile or combination of stable psychological attributes that capture the unique nature of a
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Organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics in many ways. By implanting policies and procedures, organizations can build a strong ethical culture. Creating a strong ethical environment in an organization allows for less chance of misconduct such as theft or lying and employees felt less pressure to break the rules. A strong formal ethics system leads to an ethical culture.
If organizations do not have policies, such as sexual harassment, they may be faced with many law suits. All companies should have policies and procedures in place. Policies and procedures insure understanding for both the organization and the employee. Both the organization and employee knows what to expect and how to respond. The organization should maintain a culture that encourages open and honest communication where employees appreciate and understand the importance of complying with policies and procedures and demonstrating ethical behavior in all that they do. Employees are expected to know and comply with policies and procedures. The company’s policies and procedures are the instructions of how employees are to conduct business, and also give the consequences of such actions.
Employees are more understanding of the rules if they have been clearly stated and mapped out for them. Without said definitions, employees are more willing to be subjective about their moral obligations to the

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