Essay on How People Perceive The World Around Them

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Idea is how people perceive the world around them. It is a very powerful tool, because it decides how people will live their lives. Some people even think that idea is what separates human beings from animals, because human can think rationally. People often regard their ideas as their own creation. They believe they can think for themselves. Yet, it is not difficult to find out that people who share the same background, such as nationality, age, class, and religion, often have very similar ideas on certain issues. Why is that? Now, people really need to think again about the origin of their own ideas, because some ideas are clearly not created by people themselves. More interestingly, as history moves forward, ideas change too. Just before the 20th century, most Chinese people still had absolute loyalty to feudal monarchy. Only a few decades later, no one believed in feudal monarchy any more. It was not likely that 400 million people just had a sudden change of heart all by themselves. So, where did that new idea come from? Hegel, Marx, and Nietzsche were three important philosophers from the 19th century. Each of them had their own theories of the origin of ideas as well as the relations between history and ideas. Hegel believes everything people need to know about the world always exists, and people discover this knowledge through what he calls “shape of Spirit” in a distinct order. After a “shape of Spirit” is discovered, it becomes the set of ideas that shape events and…

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