How People Deal With Their Anxious And Fears? Essay

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How people deal with their anxious and fears? Being scared for the new things in life could be something that many people go through every day. Likewise, eight years ago I got into a new school because my family moved to the capital city. However, I never thought that get in a new school and being the new girl could be one of my worst fears in life.
Back in Venezuela, when I was 12 years young girl my family moved to the capital city because my mom got a new job and my dad so. We were exiting about it because people always say that in the capital, Caracas there are different fun things to do such as go the Children’s museum, go to the Avila Mountain, go to the mall, visit the Simon Bolivar house or just go for a walk in the East Park. The new home was beautiful, I had my own room with big windows, big closet and all the stuff that I used to have in other house, so I felt like in home. I really like this new place because the condominium have pools, fitness center and tennis court. Everything was perfect, new job for my parents, new home, new city, new things to get to know, but also new school and friends.
At the first day of school I was a few minutes late because my parents and I were new in the city, and it was hard to find the school location quickly. When we finally got there, I was very happy to see my new school, but because I was late, the students and teachers was already in the classrooms.
- Hey sweetie are you exciting? My mom said
- How do feel honey? Dad said

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