How People Are Affected By Their Environment Essay

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1. As the textbook provides, environmental psychology is the study of how people are affected by their surroundings…their environment. This environment can be surroundings such as a person’s home, workplace, neighborhood, shopping center, town, school, or even the city park. It can be the crowded NYC subway or the quiet Lady Bird Park. Without realizing it, people are affected by their environment every single day. Christmas music playing throughout the mall may cause the last-minute shopper to feel a sense of joy as memories of childhood Christmases fill her mind. Alternatively, that same music may infuriate and annoy said last-minute shopper. The crowded subway may cause a new mother to feel nervous. Whereas, the peaceful park may cause an anxious person to feel safe and secure. The environment has the power to influence a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The study of how people are affected by their environment allows psychologists to gain insight into the relationship between people and their environment. Further, it allows psychologists to use said gained insight in order to determine, recognize, and resolve any associated problems so that improvements can be made to the environment.
2. “Our well-being and that of our environment depends on mutual transactions between ourselves and the settings in which we live, work, study, and visit.”

In my opinion, the word “mutual” in the above-mentioned statement is crucial in interpreting its meaning. The use of…

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