How People And Deal With Eating Disorders Essay example

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When I say "‘eating disorder"’ I bet the first thing that went through your mind was "‘anorexia," ’, perhaps accompanied by an image of thin young girl. This common misconception causes many cases of eating disorders to go unrecognized. The truth is that eating disorders do not only affect women. In fact, you don’t even need to be thin to suffer from an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are more common than you might think. The World Health Organization estimates that 1 percent% of young females have anorexia, and 4 percent% have bulimia. A further 13 percent% of females aged between 14 andthrough 25 have some form of eating disorder, which is often undiagnosed. This means someone in your family could be dealing with an eating disorder., Iit could even be affecting you. Knowing the signs and causes of eating disorders may help you prevent your friend, sibling or child from developing a disturbed relationship with food. Recognizing the early signs and understanding the psychology behind eating disorders could help you intervene and help in time.

Dieting Ccan Ddevelop Iinto an Eating Disorder

Sadly eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, and the rate of hospitalizations has increased by nearly 20% percent in the last 15 years. Dieting, especially extreme dieting, is one of the most important, and obvious predictors of eating disorders.
A study from 2004 performed on Qatari schoolgirls…

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