How Peer Pressure Affects Someone 's Choices And Their Lifestyle

1013 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
I am analyzing a picture posted by the Daily KOS website and author Brian T. Lynch about the drug abuse problem we have in this country and the reasons we have them. It was posted in October of 2015 which even being half a year ago the problem is still rising and an issue. This picture is of a group with five people sitting in a circle with alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs all around them. They also have an article following talking about all of the reasons that the drug issue is so heavy now including the peer pressure issue. The reason this picture is the one chose to analyse was, because it really captures the truth behind how peer pressure can affect someone 's choices and their lifestyle. The image that is provided shows that they are trying to illustrate the ethos and pathos appeal to the person viewing the picture by adding emotion and being a reliable source for people to go for information, whereas there seems to be little to no logos used because they lack the logic needed. When looking at this picture you would see five people, some male, some female, all sitting in a circle on the hardwood floor. The hardwood floor is to represent how hard it is to turn down the peer pressure from those around you to do the things that they ask you to. Most of them wearing blue jeans while one wears khakis. I believe they do this because of the fact that blue is a color of emotion as it appeals to the sadnesses emotion causing you to feel that as you see the color while looking…

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