How Patriotism Can Help Better A Country Essays

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Throughout the course of this class, there has been a considerable difference in my writing. Since starting English101, I have tried to make changes in my pieces to better fir the leaning goals of the class. I think that the first learning goal is relevant in the first paper I wrote oddly enough. I really wanted to do well on the paper so I spent more time analyzing the details of it. I knew that I did not know a lot about patriotism besides how thankful I feel to have been born in the United States. That is why I decided do some research based on studies and how patriotism can help to better a country. For example, RHEG, a website that carefully studies patriotisms effect on nations, says, “Patriotism helps to stabilize the country because it calls for respect of the nation’s laws” (Examples of Patriotism). This is an example of me analyzing the situation and using information to help me form solid points based on the audience. The second goal is something that I feel like I still struggle with. While I know I can form good points to support my thesis, I still have terrible creating a perfect ham sandwich. I think that my Feed analysis paper best shows this struggle. In the second to last paragraph on the third paragraph, I use Clive Thompson’s voice very well. However, I had a hard time trying to use Carr’s voice to counter act Thomspon’s voice so I separated them into different paragraph. I am very lucky in that I came to Witt with a strong foundation for the third…

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