How Pathways Is An Alternative High School For Students That Have Behavioral Issues

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Pathways is an alternative high school for students that have behavioral issues. Pathways provides a program that permits students to involve in a flexible as well as positive approach to attending and learning their high school subjects in regulations for graduation. Pathways has executed a behavioral program set forth from Acme Inc. The program brought forth by Acme Inc. allows students to generate an atmosphere that permits them to steadily surpass expectations, as well as maintain a greater level satisfaction from both families and student, and guarantee the programs affordability. Pathway staff continually work hard to provide the highest education available for students from diverse communities as well as cultural Backgrounds. Acme Inc. partakes in assisting Pathways alternative high school in generating the school wide positive behavior support system and individual behavior intervention plans for students that display high levels of inappropriate behaviors. An objective of the program is to decrease the number of problematic behavioral occurrences to more than 50 behavioral incidents throughout the school for every month for 2 consecutive months. All classrooms will need to collect data on the behavior incidents daily when present. All data will be composed and collected once a week. The second objective is to verify that all teachers that have behavioral plans will fully execute their behavior modification strategies with 100% accuracy throughout monthly…

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