How Passion Plays A Vital Role With Our Emotions Essay

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Living With Passion
The power of passion is undeniably one of the most intense and powerful emotions the human race is capable of feeling. Being able to feel and experience emotion is a blessing life grants to every one of us. Our feelings bring us together as human beings. Our feelings are capable of creating friendships and relationships, as well as enemies and wars. However, without the two we would not be able to have that perfect balance essential to life. Without enemies, how could one fully appreciate our friendships and our loved ones? It would be a pity for something so precious, to be taken for granted so easily. With life comes balance, for without balance, the world would not be able to sustain itself. Everything in this world is placed perfectly among each other, working side by side with Mother Nature. Essentially, passion plays a significant role for every-one of us. This important feeling is indeed crucial to our overall mental health and stability. Passion plays a vital role with our emotions and wellbeing. Far too many people lack the knowledge of understanding the importance of living life passionately. It is easy for all of us to underestimate the power and significance of this one simple emotion. From my own personal experience I have learned that passion has the capability to strengthen and heal even the most hopeless. Passion also brings purpose to those feeling worthless by
Woods 1 inspiring them with goals. Passion holds more power and importance…

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