How Parents Make Decisions About Their Children 's Vaccinations By E. Brunson

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In the same fashion that parents come to the conclusion for a number of reasons to not vaccinate their child, it’s important to realize that when considering vaccinations, parents have to go through a process as far as being educated, religious beliefs, and making a well informed decision on whether to vaccinate their child. The article titled How parents make decisions about their children’s vaccinations by E. Brunson. This author explains that the study conducted was given to parents whose children were younger than 18 months. Another aspect that was considered was age, income, and education of the parents. Parents were first questioned using open ended questions which then progressed to more specific questions. (Brunson, 2013) The research that was done was done in such a way that parents considered their feeling, model drawings, and note taking. By using these strategies the results of the study were that the decision to vaccinate was a complex decision. The complex decisions were determined by norms, which states that vaccinating your child is a normal process of having children. Although parents considered vaccinations are normal or something that was natural the article discusses how parents felt about parent’s who choose not to vaccinate their children as being selfish, irresponsible and lazy. The parents also felt like a parent who doesn’t vaccinate their child as a harm to society and isn’t helping the community form disease. Parents didn’t want to be judged by…

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