Essay on How Parents Have Different? How Are They Similar?

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How are these two parent’s different? How are they similar? The parents I interviewed were extremely different but also similar in some ways. Parent A’s son is 18 years old and suffers from dyslexia and ADHD. Parent A is very straight forward and has reached out for help multiple times. From dyslexia programs to autistic programs, parent A has been very hands on in her sons learning inside and outside of the classroom. She has three other children, a husband, and a full time job. Parent A has lived in Florida her whole life. She is always observing her son and notices when things begin to change. For example, one summer her son went to a program called Metronome and within those two weeks, she knew her son was learning different strategies than he had ever learned. Parent B just moved to the United States two years ago from Columbia and has a daughter who’s in fifth grade at a beginner ESOL level. Parent B is more laid back than parent A and thinks her daughter will learn English over time. She has a part-time job as an LPN seems to be extremely tired. Parent B does not speak English very well. She only speaks to her daughter in Spanish and does not really work on her English speaking skills. Parent B is not as assertive as parent A and does not think her daughter will be set back from her English speaking skills. However, these parents have a few things in common. They both love their child unconditionally and seem to want the best for their daughter/sons life. Every…

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