How Paraguay Is An Article By Toby Hill On Violence, Poverty And Corruption

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Catherine Lutz and Jane Collins have written about the various intersecting gazes found in photographs of exotic people and places, which create a certain impression of those people or places by the viewer. Wendy S. Hesford and Brenda Jo Brueggemann have written about the traveling gaze and the identification and difference involved in tourism. I will be using their previous work along with a Lonely Planet web page on Paraguayan tourism and an article by Toby Hill on violence, poverty and corruption in Paraguay, to compare the representation of Paraguay in the media today. I will also use information on Paraguay written by Elizabeth Purdy in the Encyclopedia of World Poverty to support my work. This essay will explore how Paraguay is currently represented in both a travel website, and in the news, as well as how the presentation of the information supports the gaze of the media. The representation of Paraguay in travel and news media differs in terms of the visual representation, information and language used to present Paraguay as either an up-and-coming travel destination or a country in turmoil. Paraguay is a small landlocked country in the middle of South America. Although it is a vibrant cultural hotspot, it often gets overlooked by the tourist industry. However, in recent years, that is starting to change as there are more campaigns to advertise Paraguay as a tourist destination, with an emphasis on ecotourism. Despite its increasing popularity in the tourism world,…

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