How Organizations Can Use Maslow 's Theory Essay

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Organisations can use Maslow’s theory as a framework to advance different rewards to their employees, as knowing the different needs and stages the employees are at on the hierarchy of needs means they can give meaningful rewards out. Which should in turn motivate the employees to do better. However, mangers will need to take into consideration that not all people move up the hierarchy at the same time meaning managers should have individual incentives for their employees depending on what stage they are at. (Sadri & Brown, 2011). For example, Thomas Cook Group was shown to have a clear and good correlation when it came to recognition, performance and engagement of their employees, due to this they decided that this needed to be maintained, to do this, they launched a group – wide recognition scheme which is called; “From the Heart”. This scheme allows peer – to – peer gratitude of employees who are working hard. The scheme works by having different levels of rewards that are personal to that individual which then turn into points for their employees that can be redeemable towards a large rang of merchandise in each country. All employees are clear about what they are needed to and how their success rates will be measured to their individual needs. (Thomas Cook Group 2013) On the other hand, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory could not be effective in a working environment due to his research being very bias, this is because his analysis mainly focused on educated white…

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