How Organic Computing Affect The Field Of Computing Essay examples

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Most people in IT have heard Moore’s Law at some point. This is the idea that the processing capability of computers doubles approximately every two years. It is not always easy to see these doubles, but there is evidence to prove that it is true. Sometimes, however, there are large advancements that are much more noticeable. For example, you do not have to look very far back to think of a time before high speed internet was widely available. I remember the days when we would have to connect with our dial-up service to get online at home. The idea of streaming high definition video on that kind of connection would have been a joke. Now, we get angry if our 1080p Netflix streams hiccup for even a second thanks to technological advantages that make our internet connections faster and more reliable. Every now and then, there are major advancements, like high speed internet, that significantly change the field of computing. I believe that organic computing will be one of the next such advancements.
The first thing I imagined when I heard the phrase “organic computing” was the HAL 9000 computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I pictured computers that seemed almost lifelike, with the ability to change and cause trouble more than anything. Essentially, I believed the terms organic computing and artificial intelligence were interchangeable. Though I was partially right, there’s a bit more to it than a computer that doesn’t want to open the pod bay doors. According to the Organic…

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