How One Finds Humility And Courage Essay

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91. How One Finds Humility & Courage TO FORGIVE?
• Christ suggested that we must not be ever tired of FORGIVING. Many wonder if that ‘path’ is correct one. Modern Intellectual cannot accept anything at face value. Everything requires logical explanation, which is compatible with ‘Cosmic’ or ‘Natural Laws’. The ‘Reasons’, ‘Why ALWAYS to FORGIVE’ are not exemption.
• First major step in right direction is to raise above ‘local’ logic. The ‘local’ logic insists that if someone did the ‘evil’ must be punished. Some legal systems even in developed & Christian countries have capital punishment as measure of punishment for the worst categories of ‘crime’ committed against other humans. So, per example, a brutal killing is punished by the killing of the perpetrator. It is double standard moral, and has nothing to do with ‘Intellectualized Christianity’. Nobody can be found ‘guilty’ in some areas, IF DID NOT ATTAIN NECESSARY LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT to understand clearly his motives and misdoings. Punishment in such cases CANNOT CHANGE SOMEONE’s CHARACTER! Monkey cannot be blamed, because it is not human. Also authorities in those countries cannot be blamed for not having more adequate laws reflecting all relevant aspects. All those who think fire could be extinguished by fire and war resolved by war are deeply wrong.
• In general, fines and punishments could be minor deterring factor preventing crimes through creating fears. However, such societies in strict Cosmic Sense ARE NOT…

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