How On Tackle Multiple Choice Questions Essay

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How to tackle multiple-choice questions
Recall the definition. To answer this type of question, you would need to know the definition of the options given in the answers. First re-read the indicated sentence, decide on an answer in your head, and match that answer to the options given.
These questions are asking you “What does this sentence/phrase mean? What is its purpose?” To answer this type of question, you should quickly read the sentence before and the sentence after the specified line to help you pick up on context clues.
Knowing the definition of various figures of speech will help you answer questions about the effect of rhetorical choices. The best way to answer is to first decide what the figure of speech is before referring to the explanations.
If you are asked about the flow of the sentence (i.e. like in the above example), re-read the sentence before looking at the options, so you can eliminate incorrect answers more quickly. Remember that sentence structure is also a rhetorical choice. However, these types of questions are straightforward because they are not asking you about. the best way to learn new words is to read. The surrounding sentences will give you a better idea of the meaning of the specified word.
Don’t re-read the entire passage to figure out tone, or the form of the passage (e.g. is it a monologue). Instead, make quick notes while reading the passage through the first time.
Reading the passage first will help you build a basic understanding of…

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