Essay on How Older Adults Have A Positive Outlook On Old Age

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Older adults have always played an important role in my life, which has led me to have a positive outlook on old age. When I think of old age, I see a wise individual who is eager to spend time with family and friends and enjoys giving back to the community in their free time. This is view is largely shaped by my grandparents, who each at different levels of physical decline, are still very active in the community. In recent years I have had the privilege of working and volunteering at Pembina Place Personal Care Home. This experience has exposed me to individuals who are further declined than my grandparents, and who are involved in little to no outside community activities. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s were very common within the PCH I was working in. Interestingly, the residents of the care home did not shift my view of old age in a negative way. Instead, their willingness to engage in whatever ways they could, from sharing advice, telling stories, singing songs and eagerness to take part in activities enhanced my appreciation of adults in their last years of life. Old age is inevitable, so I choose to see it as a gift, rather than a burden. I hope to be able to live well into my old age, to be there for my family members and friends, just as my grandparents have done for me.
I eagerly look forward to spending intentional quality time with family and friends in my old age, before doing so becomes increasingly difficult due to decreased mobility which is common in my…

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