How Of Cultivate A Happy Blog Life ( & Following ) Essay

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How to Cultivate a Happy Blog Life (& Following)
My kid has a cool Venus Flytrap.
She takes great care of it – usually. When it’s pruned and watered and placed in spots where it can nab unsuspecting prey, it thrives. It grows more traps, turns a brilliant green, and looks like a “Feed Me Seymour” convention.
When she forgets to take great care of it … it can wither to produce-on-clearance status.
It’s that way with blog followings, too. You have to prune it, water it, put it in a spot where it can nab unsuspecting prey. Without a little TLC, the blog you write can wind up DOA. Luckily, as with the Venus Flytrap (so far), there’s a pathway to recovery from neglect.
Here are five ways to keep your blog following green and snappy.
1. Comment
The first place to work on your blog – NOT on your blog. Without some outer-blog interaction, your blog becomes as active as a great yard sale. One, that is, at the end of a dead-end road with no yard-sale signs. Who’s going to see it? Focus on others’ words before you go hacking out yours.
How to do it
FIND YOUR TRIBE | They’re the writers like you. A gardening blogger posting on a gamer site isn’t likely in his tribal zone. Gardening bloggers who are also gamers, though, can have a voice there.
BE RELEVANT | The toughest comment to respond to as a blogger: “Love this!” Bloggers love love, but tell them why you love. Cite their words. Oh, bloggers love that. Comments are for interaction.
LINK | Avoid the pitiful plea to “follow…

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