How Of Conduct Modern Enterprises ' Human Resource Management

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How to Conduct Modern Enterprises’ Human Resource Management
Human resource management in modern enterprises does not mean responsibilities only for HR Department. It is the work of the whole enterprise, especially for the senior management. Human resource management is being considered much more valuable. The nature of enterprise management is to realize a certain goal of the enterprise. It refers to activities carried out for training, exploiting, utilizing and coordinating, in virtue of limited resources. The object of enterprise management is various resources related to the targeted goal. It includes human, money, material, time and information (2003). There is not only coordinating work against limited resources but also exploiting work to stimulate their potentials so as to exert the function. All these aim at the established goal. Among all the important factors, the human is the most important and active one. To manage other resources is based on the human resource management.
Human Resource Management
Human resource management refers to policies, management practices and systems that affect employees’ behavior, attitude and performance (2004). Recently, enterprises have improved their recognition against human resources. Lots of enterprises start paying close attention to the establishment and development of human resource department. However, human resource departments that can become strategic partners with enterprises are not many. Human resource…

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