How Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Falls Under The Category Of Anxiety Disorders

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During my watching of the movie “As Good as It Gets”, I came to understand from a episode when Melvin went to his psychiatrist, he mention that he was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. After reading the text book and the article I came to also understand that obsessive-compulsive disorder falls under the category of anxiety disorders, which contains a group of disorders that share similar characteristics. Anxiety disorders all typically become aroused over apprehension and anticipated problems. There are physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms which are elicited from the apprehension. Also there were theories regarding worry that were discussed in the article and how its adaptation and maladaptive functions. The article indicated several studies used in reasons for worry commonly reported by generalized anxiety disorder, and how people explore subjective perceptions of the functions of worry held by college students, and how these worriers meet the self-reported criteria for generalized anxiety disorder by controlled subjects. These subjects are rated as motivational, in preparing for the worst, and avoidance or prevention of negative outcomes as the most typical reasons for their worries. In the case with Melvin, his obsessive compulsive disorder had him having an intrusive and unwilling thought that causes him to have rise to anxiety. Because of this created anxiety, Melvin felt compelled to perform a behavior related to his obsession.…

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