How Obesity Threatens A Generation Essay

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Body Image
Struggling with body image, fighting off obesity, and being healthy is a struggle we all know of, or have encountered personally. Here in America the crisis of having Obese adults has spread to having obese children. Obesity is a problem by itself, but in our world today we are exposed to social media sites that constantly talk about the “Ideal Body” or what one should look like. One of the biggest obstacles we have to face throughout our lives is dealing with body image and obesity, but while we have to face up to society’s way of categorizing us by telling us what we should look like we are also exposed to the harsh truth of what being Obese means for us.
Susan Levine and Rob Stein have brought the attention of Obesity in their article “Obesity Threatens a Generation” the article talks about how Obesity has not only spread through adults but as they put it that it has become a part of “one in three children” in the United States. It covers the health threats of Obesity as well as the cost of Obesity. In Levine’s and Stein’s article they show that “Treating a child with obesity is three times more costly than treating the average child” but while it is costly, it also states that obesity in youths is seven times more likely to cause depression. Not only can obesity cause this mental health issue it can also increase the chance of heart disease in teens, including strokes, cancer, and many other health problems. In the article Levine and Stein gather information…

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