How Norms Are Defined As The Expectations Of Society Essay

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Norms are defined as the expectations of how people are expected to act in public. I was required to violate a norm in public and also observe a norm violation. In addition, for my norm violation I decided to go to a public place and do something that people are not expecting to see. I went to an In-and-out that is located on Panama ln and I started working out in front of costumers. For my norm violation observation I observed a co-worker that is always picking up soda cans from everyone. I arrived at In-and-out with two of my friends that knew what I was going to do. They were going to help me observe people’s reactions. It was around 12 p.m. and there was a line to order, while I was waiting I started doing squats. Costumers would stare at me thinking that I was crazy or something. I looked around and then did some push-ups, this was probably the hardest thing to do because I am not good at doing them. Then, I observed that some people would walk away from me, especially the ones that had kids with them. When I order my food, I sat down at a table that is kind of next to the soda machine because I figured out that it would be a good place for people to observe me. When I finally got my food, I would bite my cheeseburger and then I would start doing jumping-jacks. I notice that the employees would also be talking about me, it seem like if they didn’t know what to do with the situation so they called their manager. The manager walked up to me and asked me…

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