How Newton 's First Law Applies From Air Bags, Seat Belts, And Headrests

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Explain how Newton 's first law applies to air bags, seat belts, and headrests.
Newton’s first law applies to air bags, seat belts, and headrests in terms of keeping your body at rest while you are driving, which in turn will keep you safe. When you crash your car, the motion of your body in the car matches the motion of the century itself, so when it crashes, your body has the tendency to stay in motion. So, with the headrest, seatbelt, and airbag, they are all designed to slow down the forward motion of your body in a car.
Riding a rollercoaster is a great way to experience Newton 's laws. Relate each law to an aspect of the ride. (Don 't forget about the butterflies in your stomach!)
While riding a rollercoaster, Newton’s first law can relate to being stationary in the seat of the rollercoaster before the ride starts then be pushed backward when the ride commences. This is because your body is at rest and desires to stay at rest while the action of accelerating is taking place. Newton’s second law can relate to the accelerating and decelerating of the rollercoaster itself as it travels along the track, and also the butterflies in your stomach when plummeting down the hill on the ride because there is almost zero net force acting on you, so you acquire a weird feeling in your stomach . Finally, Newton’s third law can relate to the wheels of the rollercoaster staying on its track because the force exerted downwards by the vehicle is equal in magnitude as the force the…

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