How Networking Is The Most Important Thing If Networking Has Helped Me Plans My Future Better?

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Networking Report
It has been a highly enlightening and wonderful experience so far in the employment preparedness class, since it has equipped me with the right mindset and tools to get the job that I want. During the last two months I 've had the opportunity to attend some networking events, both in-class as well, as outside. It is true that networking is the most important thing if one wants to succeed, but you don 't realise it 's value till you go ahead and actually do it. I have realised the value of networking and it has helped me plan my future better. In this report I will summarise seven out of the ten events that I was an active part of.
The first two events were in-class and we got to meet two very influential ladies. One of them was Bonnie Chan, a very lively and experience driven lady. She told us the story about how she lost her way and had to take an Uber to school, but also in the process, ended up making a connection with the Uber driver. It reinforced my belief that anyone in the world that one comes across becomes a connection which may benefit us in some way. Due to her years of experience as a networking coach and appreciation marketer, she was able to give tips on how to initiate conversations with people at an event and how to dress accordingly. We had a chance to talk to her one-on-one after her presentation and I asked her a few questions as to how make a good first impression and to make the person remember you even after the meeting, and I got…

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