Essay about How Nature Can Make Our Lives More Meaningful?

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re from a distance, but many authors, such as Thoreau, go to nature to try to find answers.
In “Walden”, Henry David Thoreau recounts his time living on his own in the wild. He moved into the woods with only the bare necessities as a sort of personal experiment, but also to assure himself that he wouldn’t die without ever living. He was immediately attracted to the Howell farm because of “its complete retirement”. Thoreau’s yearning for nature is parallel to Ishmael’s longing to go out to sea in “Moby Dick”. For both, it was was a necessary action to live more fully, implying that they recognised the reverence of nature; that it benefits us in ways other than the material things we can take from it. Nature can make our lives more meaningful in Thoreau’s view, but abusing it does not reap any benefits for our relationship with it. In his time there, Thoreau realized a lot about nature and how it should always come before us. He explained that “ would yield the most abundant crop of the kind I wanted if I could only afford to let it alone.” He was saying that on its own nature can be beautiful and exactly what it is supposed to be; humans don’t have to and should not intervene in that process. He thought that we nature could provide us with all we want, but we have to let it be. new paragraph? For Thoreau, living in the woods meant living life to the fullest and “suck[ing] out all the marrow of [it]”. Being a simple man, as he aspired to be during his time in…

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