Essay on How National Image Has Changed And Affect Over The World

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I. Introduction
National image is important with each country. It is not only to show the basic information but also represent the picture of country to over the world. If the national image good, it makes country is more famous and support to contribute the economy developed. Except America-the most famous and powerful country in the world, some countries should be mentioned because of national image have changed and affect over the world.

II. Definitions
First of all, we should understand what the national images are. Multi-dimensional and multi-sourced are two main parts of national images. The method to identify the connections between individual and media frames is analyzing frames and framing in individuals’ minds and media representation of national images. Some people believe that a state’s soft power cannot exist without national images. It is believed that the images of a nation can create either an advantages or disadvantages environment for the public and the state. The nation’s reputation can be a reward or punishment in both political and economy. Positive reputation makes countries to gain foreign goals, attract overseas investment, moreover, it helps tourists and education is developed. On the other hand, the permanent crisis or showing economic unreliability of country can damage investment, cause future crises and military. Moreover, positive or negative media portrayal of a country can affect the general public ideas. Even change cross-national…

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