How My Relationship With My Grandpa Essay

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This is the story of how my relationship with my grandpa came to sudden halt, at one of the most unexpected times. When this story occurred, I was at the age of 8 with not much intelligence of how precious every opportunity in life was. Therefore, when I visited my grandpa for the first time in years, I did not cherish the moment for what it was worth.
It was May of 2008. My family and I were helping my grandpa look for a new place to settle. We would meet him once or twice a week to look at houses in and around northeast Kansas trying to find the place for him. While we were looking for places for him, grandpa would occasionally babysit my two sisters and me at our house in Dover, Kansas. Thus, we started to spend some quality time with him. After a few weeks of looking at places, we finally found the one. It was a small two bedroom home just outside the city with a pond in the back where my sisters and I could play. We helped him move in for a few weeks, therefore my sisters and I had plenty of time to explore his new home. We spent hours at grandpa’s house that summer. However, it would never be enough. As the summer became fall, we started spending more time together at my house. Grandpa would babysit us regularly; this was always an enjoyable time. It seemed like the days went too quick when we were with grandpa. Even though we saw him every week for months; we would still find ourselves wanting to be with him.
On a brisk September day, my family and I went down to…

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