How My Personality Tendencies Can Affect Others And My Organization

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This project was very helpful in gleaning further insight about myself and how my personality tendencies can affect others and my organization. While this was a lot of data to consider the salient points from my perspective are about cohesiveness. My organization and the military writ large are full of Type-A personalities. If we all act on our natural instincts we would just fight and be counterproductive. By allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you one can actually turn the weaknesses into strengths. People are not born with the ability to communicate and work well with others, they must work at it. Through study and scripture I am confident I have learned how not to act to be the most efficient leader and team member possible. These skills require prayer, and thoughtfulness before communicating. I am convinced that many organizations would be better off utilizing these assessments for their management teams.

Just knowing your personality type and tendencies is not enough to be an effective leader of an organization. To be the absolute best leader you can be one, must be able to take their personality information and understand the strengths and weaknesses. According to Fischer, (2006) it is imperative to know your worldly traits so you can align them with God’s will for your life. In this assignment, we took a deep dive into this very subject. We will discuss three parts of our survey profiles, “What about me’, “Working with others”, and “Life in…

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