Essay about How My Life Has A Lasting Effect On Their Heritage

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Growing up, children usually depend on their family unit to provide care for them when needed. The feeling of love is joined by a family to create a source of security when left alone. Throughout all of these emotions in a child’s life, things are constantly changing to shape their identity. As children continue to look up to older adults, parents, or relatives, they are taught advice and guidance through the journey of life. I believe that the changes in one’s family can have a lasting effect on their heritage as a whole. For me, a family unit that is wanted by every child was never found after being taken away at a young age when my parents got a divorce. I was 6 years old. Young, clueless, yet carrying a sense of brokenness. However, I was truly unsure about how my life would soon change forever. This event impacted my life by depicting that not everything has a perfect ending. But through my hardships, it can overall represent the identity of my culture.
Divorce. A word that portrays difficulties and inferior qualities. Yet I always seemed to remind myself of two questions, “Is this my fault”, or “Do they not love me anymore?” During this time in my adolescence, I began to blame myself for the arguments of my parents. The bickering continued, night after night, while I sat in my room alone. All I could think about was how bad of a child I was, to make my mother and father go through these hardships. As the fighting continued, I felt worse and miserable as the weeks…

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