Essay about How My Life Force You Grow Up?

1290 Words Sep 16th, 2015 null Page
Did your life force you to grow up? I remember being 4 years old and praying to god that I get older faster. I always wanted money in my wallet like my dad, so I can buy my own candy. I recall crying at the age of 8 because my mom said I was not old enough to wear her red lipstick. At that moment, all I wanted was to be tall, big and grown so that I could make my own choices and live life my way. My wishes did come true, but it is like the wish granted by a bad genie, he tricked me. The universe seems to take away a part of you as it grants your wishes. I grew up. Then I realized, growing up is not just reaching adulthood, maturing or having to be responsible. Growing up is losing innocence and having to search for happiness! Growing up is not just having to pay bills and obeying the law, it is finding out that there is nothing good in this world because betrayal, cheating and being let down is something everyone deals with. Happiness is not as easy as waking up on a Sunday morning to watch your favourite cartoon anymore. Once you grow up, the rest of your life is spent looking for that joy you found in everything. I believe being an adult has nothing to do with turning 18, rather how mature an individual is due to the circumstances they have been in and what life has taught them. Sometimes a child has to grow up because of his or her living situations and they have no choice, while others can be naive and immature at the age of 40 because their life did not require them…

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