How Muslim Women During The News And Discuss The Consequences Of The Media

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The news accounts for a majority of the media that decides what information people learn about others and their cultures around the world. Sadly, many people determine their viewpoints based off of what they heard on the news and do not try to educate themselves further before a judgement is made. The news is able to portray stereotypes in whatever manner they wish, which often entails leaving out important details of a culture or only showing parts of a culture. The Muslim community is a religion that has received a good deal of negative portrayal which has caused many non-Muslim people to form false stereotypes in their mind and react harshly to Muslims. The consequences of portraying the Muslims in such a negative light and creating these false stereotypes is that people all around the world still believe these stereotypes and treat Muslims negatively. To take a more direct viewpoint, this paper will seek to analyse how Muslim women in Italy are portrayed in the news and discuss the consequences of these portrayals. While Muslim women in the news are often portrayed as “oppressed” and “voiceless” I argue that the Muslim women in Italy are also portrayed in a way that makes their veil appear to be the only part to their identity.

Before diving into the articles, I want to look at an academic text to set up this paper. The Muslim veil has caused much controversy for a long time which is why in “Muslim American Women on Campus” by Shabana Mir, a whole…

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