How Music Has Influenced Our Culture Essay

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Music has always been one of purest forms of expression. Engraved in our culture from the beginning of recorded history, music has always conveyed the emotions and thoughts of its time. A popular trend in music has always been the creation of a revolution for what is considered appropriate. In the 1900s, the world experienced the revolution of rock `n roll. The music was rebellious, bold, and catered towards the youth. In the 70`s the world was introduced to disco and funk, a style of music created by the African American community created to make someone let loose and have fun. In the 80`s, largely due to the rise of the rap group N.W.A., the U.S. in particular began to popularize gangster rap. These different musical revolutions have all met their challenges from certain parts of the community. They are challenged by those who believe this music has a negative impact on our culture. In this day and age, the world has hugely popularized Hip-Hop and Rap. The music is another revolution started largely from the African American community to express their feelings of oppression and to tell the stories of these people`s struggles in life. Many individuals and groups believe this music has a negative impact on society. Like rock `n roll and disco/funk, modern rap music is another genre that has a positive impact on our culture through its expression and storytelling despite its use of profanity, its effect on the youth, and exposure to violent themes. Throughout history, new…

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