How Music Has Changed Within Popular Culture Essay

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For centuries, people have found some sort of comfort/aid in the various genres and sounds of music. Although, with these different genres of music, people with different backgrounds can listen to something they can relate to, or maybe something that makes them feel good. Throughout the years, music has changed for both the good and not-so good, from bringing kids closer to God, to including more vulgarity. Those are just some of the ways music has changed within popular culture. Music is also very influential in the minds and behaviors of children and teens, by giving them a sense of inspiration and wonder. It can also either influence or corrupt the minds and behavior of the young just by the use of words in a song.
There is a large variety of music in the world of popular culture, and so that also includes many influences. In Rap and Hip-Hop, there are so many influences from good to bad. A lot of the music in this genre like condoning drugs, alcohol, bad behavior, and demeaning woman. In Eminem’s song Spacebound, he talks about falling in love with someone and after a while she doesn’t want him and so he kills her by squeezing her neck until it snaps. And while this song seems pretty violent, if someone were to listen to his other songs, you would see that he sings about his daughter, ex wife, and how he grew up. Music like that, is easy for a lot of teens and adults to relate to. Not all Hip-Hop can be relatable though.
Some Hip-hop artists have made it seem okay for…

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