Essay on How Music Has Changed Our Lives

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In my life, there have been many different experiences that have shaped and molded me into the person that I am today. I have to believe that music has played an important role in forming the essence of who I am. Three of the most important things that music has taught me are the importance of family, how to be dedicated, and how music can affect one’s spirituality. Music has opened many doors for me, and it has allowed me to view life in different ways than most people my age are able to. Music is organized noise, but it will never be just that; music speaks the language of the soul, and I believe it has made me a better person today. Music has been of utmost importance to my family, long before I was born. My grandmother, Debbie, was in a Southern Gospel band, the Wates Family. For many years, they travelled to different churches, spreading their message to those who would listen. My mother also had the privilege of traveling with them, which instilled in her a love for music at a young age. This led to my mother singing in church at three years old, only stopping for a brief instance when she felt a little shy. Additionally, my dad is very musically gifted. The instruments that he plays include bass guitar, trombone, acoustic guitar, drums and piano. However, I have seen him pick up quirky instruments in music stores and begin to play as if he had taken lessons. My father used his talents in church as a young person, and he continues to do so today. By the time…

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