How Multitasking Can Make You Lose Essay

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We need to recreate boundaries Multitasking can make you lose.... um... focus, is actually a very true statement. After carefully reading and selecting the article that was most interesting to me, I realized that I was reading the article, scanning through my phone, and watching TV. Today, everyone wants things to be microwaved and rather not wait, which is mainly called being impatient. In the article, Multitasking can make you lose, um, focus, the author Ms. Alina Tugend informs her readers about the many disadvantages multitasking can have on a persons health, quality in work, and ability to stay focus. According to Tugend people can actually train themselves to not be stressed and to focus on one task at a time. Tons of research has been tested,and shows that focusing on one task at a time is very healthy for our brains. Most people seem to believe that they can 't control how much they 're overloaded, but studies have proven otherwise. At the end of the article, the author suggests recreating boundaries to avoid multitasking, this is a great idea because multitasking has been done so long, that it just seems like the right way to get things done, but, in reality it 's not. Multitasking is a everyday event for me, so I am extremely familiar with this topic. I am a full time mommy and everyone knows mommy duties consists of many tasks that has to be done daily. This topic is very educational for me because as a young adult I was very organized and I was would always…

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