How Much Select Committees Influence The Content Of Legislation

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How much do Select Committees Influence the Content of legislation?


There is a House of Commons Select Committee for each department within Whitehall. These were set up to scrutinise government and hold them to account. The formation of these committees consist of a minimum of 11 members and look at three aspects of each department – Administration, Policies and Spending. With this established, we will be looking at the policy aspect of scrutiny and evaluate how much Select Committees influence the content of legislation. The paper will be structured by starting with the analysis of current literature on this topic and trying to pinpoint what has already been stated about the influence select committees have on legislation. The next part of the paper will look at the methods I have applied to the sources of data I have looked at. A further section will set my findings and discussion will follow regarding the significance of these findings.

Literature Review

Trying to measure Select committee influence over legislation has all but been described as a difficult task in the literature (Hindmoor,Larkin & Kennon, 2009, Russel, Benton, 2011, Maer, Sandford, 2004, Benton, Russel 2012) . The reason being - Select Committees produce reports that conclude with recommendations. These recommendations are then looked at by the relevant minister and they usually reply within two months of reading this. However, measuring whether bills have…

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