Essay on How Much Of A Toll Does Education Have On Our Future?

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How much of a toll does education have on our future? During the summer before my freshman year of college, my grandfather got diagnosed with stage 4 Colon and Liver Cancer. This was such a tragedy for my family, especially my grandfather who is still so young. To watch someone you love become so sick only makes you want to help them in any way possible. Having such a tragedy strike in my family only motivated me to do better in school. Nursing was something I had always been interested in, my pediatrician inspired me as a little kid. I always wanted to be her and help kids get better, I loved the idea of working with kids all day and handing out lollipops to children at the end of the visit. Personally I think that nothing can beat the feeling of knowing you helped someone get better.
Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia has always been a pleasure, attending a good school was one of the many advantages the suburbs had. I went to William Tennent High School, where I graduated with A’s and B’s. High School was never too hard for me, studying the night before a test was just the way to do it in high school, Or writing a paper hours before its due and still managing to get an A on it. English has never been a subject of struggle for me, I always had good grades in my English classes passing all of my vocabulary tests, getting A’s or B’s on my essays. Then senior year English came around and, of course, I got one of the hardest teachers there was to teach the course. Mrs.…

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