How Much Money Can We Make Out Of These People? Essay

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think it was of the essence on an to I the more you sure baby busy… that 's in the
People get married to get divorced since I started 1949 when I passed wedding I think to myself that 's inventory.
Statistics are the more money passes through family law court then all other law courts combine.
The more you charge the more people willing to pay because they feel that money equals skill .
You know we aren 't much different from any other segment of society in terms of money calling the shots.
Either cases where they spent $20 million in fees.
The real stander is how much money can we make out of these people?
There is an expression that people can get as much justices they can afford and that most people cannot afford any justice at all.
Then again what 's wrong what this not social services, this is a business. Example; people that we were Crazy getting married after just three months of dating but she had children from another marriage I have my son from a previous marriage I just thought you know this will be a great way to just we can combine our families reason always children together and like the Brady Bunch give a call to Byron Bunch. I just kind of been happier together if whatever reason it just didn 't work out. [They been merrier for only a year and their divorce is been going for a year in a half]
The biggest single reason for divorce in this country is marriage. (Each year about 4 million people get married in the US although some people planned for months…

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