How Much Is a Database Worth? Essay

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Samer Shaat
IS 3100
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How Much is a Database Worth?
1) Many small business owners have found it financially advantageous to purchase their own building. As one owner remarked upon his retirement, “We did well with the business, but we made our real money by buying the building.” Explain why this might be so.
There are three reasons why a small business owner might want to own the building in which they operate. First, the cost of moving around is expensive. Some small business might need large equipment to operate and completing a move might take months. This would interrupt the flow of the business and put a dent in profits. FlexTime is a good example. FlexTime, a gym has an array of workout machines that would be
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Major hotels would be all over a student database. Though the university field they could figure out what areas to target which universities. For example, hotels in Florida are likely to send information to students in universities on the east coast, where as Mexico and California hotels might stick to universities a little more west. Hotels in Vegas could use student records like grade level to find out if students are of age. It would be hard to sell Vegas to a student under aged. Delta Airlines would find the information equally valuable because they could promote flights based on university’s vacation schedules along with student names and emails. is an online company that allows you to buy, sell and rent bikes. A large number of students ride bikes and for a company like this a student database can be instrumental in their success or expansion. Figuring out which university to target is important. For a bike company they might want to target larger campuses. Through the name field they could figure out gender and email is a good place to send promotions and receive orders.
4) Describe a product or service that you could develop that would induce students to provide the data in item 3. Students in need of tutoring would have to supply the relevant data. If one were to set up a tutoring service that connects all the

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