How Much Is A Women 's Life Affected From Battered Woman Syndrome?

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“How much is a women’s life affected from battered woman syndrome?”
“Every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted” (RAINN). Most people do not think that battered woman’s syndrome is that big of a deal but it has started to be more of a bigger issue than it has been in the past. Women should become more involved and educated with what is considered abuse so we can help ourselves before things begin to get more serious and dangerous. Police and law enforcement haven’t gotten involved in domestic disputes until recently because they were thought of family problems that should be resolved within the household. Most of the time the police wouldn’t arrest the victim, instead they would take a walk with them to the end of the road to “cool” them down. Studies have showed that about 32% of battered woman would be re-victimized within 6 months after the first assault (The Negative Effects of Expert Testimony on the Battered Women’s Syndrome). During the 1980’s there was a change in police procedures for the batter. The O.J. Simpson case caught the media’s attention for battered women’s syndrome. As the media took action and the cases started to increase many states started to bring about mandatory arrest laws for any type of domestic violence actions. I feel that battered women’s syndrome has had a major effect on women today between the many different types of violence, the batter, and the effects of the women and their children after the assault. People need…

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