How Much Debt And Money Is Allocated For This Year Essay

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In part one, and the assignments supposed to be analyzed before part one of this workshop, it discusses taxes, and where money is allocated for this year. The second part shows how much debt we have had in the past, and estimates how much debt we will have in the future. It also shows the deficit accumulated for the year. The second section also shows a pie chart in which it analyzes where federal spending is allotted, and where federal revenues come from. Section three tells us about how the presidential candidates have yet to address how they would work on government spending, debt and tax policies. It had another section which discussed how our deficit has risen once again. The major issue addressed in section one is that the government only has so much money to allocate to numerous sections. It is difficult to decide where the money should go, when they realize that a lot of the sections are equally important and vital to the flow of the economy. For example, Social Security needs to provide retirees with enough money to suitably let them live their lives, knowing they are in good care. For everyone retired and receiving Social Security, the government splits their share of 29 percent. This means they must have the resources to be able to support themselves for as long as they live. They contribute a great deal to the economy, because they still put money into businesses, go out to eat which allows waiters and waitresses to make a living, and the retirees…

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