Essay about How Much A Twenty Year Old Girl From Yemen

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$1,400. That’s how much a thirteen-year-old girl from Yemen was worth. Born in Hodeida, the fourth largest city in Yemen, Hind went from eldest sister of five children to child bride when she was married to a seventy-year-old man. Before her marriage, Hind lived a destitute life with her four siblings and her elderly blind father in a shack. Her family’s main source of income was derived from what Hind and her siblings could conjure up from begging in the streets. Her family was paid a dowry of around $1,400 by her seventy-year-old husband for her hand in marriage. During the months she spent with her husband, Hind was repeatedly sexually and physically abused. After several attempts to escape from her husband and her marriage, Hind was finally successful—until she was caught by one of the uncles that had contributed to negotiating her marriage. In anger, her uncle proceeded to kidnap Hind and disciplined her for two months by chaining her up by the neck to his house, “like a dog”. During her time in her uncle’s captivity, Hind was physically abused by her uncle and repeatedly sexually abused by her cousins. She was able to move between the yard, kitchen, and bathroom because of the iron chain’s length. After the two months Hind spent in confinement by her uncle, she was able to escape and found shelter in the home of Zayka Mohammed in the Yemeni highlands. After her escape from her uncle, Mohammed believed Hind to be pregnant. (LA Times, 1-2) Why does this happen? This…

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