How Morality Is Associated With The Concept Good Will Essay

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Kant defines that morality is associated with the concept good will. Good will is thus acting in a way that is right, because it is the right thing to do. As humans, we have a rationale of what is right and what is wrong; however, this is sometimes misguided because we are not purely rational. This misdirection can lead us to indulge in our animal passions or desires, resulting in immoral action. This leads us to become too aware and concerned with our own personal welfare, that we then develop a strong sense of individualism. For us to act morally, we then have to have a sense of duty to it. Duty is “a natural sound understanding and does not need so much to be taught as only to be brought to light.” In other words, we as humans have an understanding that we need to act morally right, we simply need to be reminded of it. No matter the conditions, it is our obligation, our moral duty, to do what is right. Not being purely rational is the determining factor that why, we as human beings, require a moral duty. The divine, or God, is the only purely rational being. God does not become distracted or self-absorbed in any way; God is not an animal being. As a result, God has a holy will where he never is obligated or inclined to do what is right, God simply always knows. This is why that as only being rational, we as human beings require a duty to act morally in order to overcome our inner conflicts and passions.

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