Agora Questions On Modernity

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Agora Questions no. 6 on Modernity
1)What is modernity? What do we know about it?
Modernity is the quality or condition of being modern. As the world continues to progress throughout the ages, trends are invented which will somehow lead to popularity that it will become very well known. Certain individuals with the ability to create or invent something extraordinary and outstanding, will attract many audiences. Causing audiences to buy their products. Modernity changed the way we live our lives now.

2) How can modernity be distinguished (very successful, authoritative, and commanding great respect) from other grand narratives( critique of the institutional and ideological forms of knowledge) such as theocracy(a system of government in which
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As the world becomes more advanced, modern and developed. It will have a negative impact on those who are very traditional as the concept of tradition is being displaced by Modernity. This targets especially, young adolescents following popular trends invented almost every single day. The concept of mixed nationalities living in one world is also somehow affecting traditions. Overall, traditions will no longer be existent because of Modernity.

6) Why has modernity prevailed over tradition? Why have the most traditional countries adopted modern values?
Similar answer to question 5. Most traditional countries adopted modern values based or influenced by the things they see around them (their surroundings) which will also impact their lives. This is because, they believe that modern values and their system is better than the traditional system.

How has modern design impacted life in 20th century?
Modern design had impacted life in the 20th century by including more visuals, applying messages and implied concepts can be seen in the visual communications made in such times. It demonstrated how social change affected the design behind every piece of artwork created by artists during the 20th
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A direct answer cannot be given to this question.

What is the relationship between design and modern technology?
The relationship between design and modern technology is that they both involve interesting visuals applied in games, app icons as well as different forms and shapes. The more vibrant the colors that are applied in any form gives a more pleasant feeling to audiences.
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