How Modern Language Is Not Simplify You A Right And Wrong Essay

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Modern language is not simplify to a right and wrong , because human civilization is in a constant evolution with our standard for writing , which makes it impossible for there to be clear cut benefits and drawbacks from online writing. There are possible implications for both benefits and drawbacks that are shown form testimonials in the passage from teachers .

Its seems from the passages that the multiple teacher testimonials they have acquired the majority has been in the negative light . To be specific would be in jennifer lee’s , “I Think, Therefore IM.” , which is a record of a 8th grade english teacher Jacqueline Harding recollecting a unfamiliar nuisance that has appear in her class this school year . That recent nuisance was modern online/text lingua franca that the modern generation has created and adapted to . Examples of this modern writing style would be 2 , b, cuz, wuz, ppl, r, ur , b4 , and etc . Why this writing could be seen as a drawback is because like Jacqueline states she see’s this in her students assignments which are supposed to be written in a formal style which the children are aware of . But even still being aware of the formal style rule the children still slip in the online lingo to due being brought up in the internet generation. Which leads them to think this is a proper way of writing then leads them to have a difficult transitional period into learning how write in the formal stylings and not in the juvenile modern online…

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